Reasons to Rent a Helicopter These Holidays

While just about every time of year offers a great time to rent a helicopter, planning a helicopter adventure over the holidays is sure to make your year-end break even more rewarding than ever. There is something about travelling by helicopter that is equal parts exhilarating and liberating. From the moment you take off to the time you land, this type of travel is quite unlike anything else you will experience. The feeling of take-off, the incredible landscapes and famous landmarks spread out below, the sense of soaring high above the earth, and the sensation of coming back down to earth again will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This holiday season, whether planning your annual family holiday or dreaming about a well-deserved break, just about everyone should consider finding the chance to rent a helicopter in KZN. Keep reading to find out why a helicopter adventure is something that will end 2017 on the best note.

Why Rent a Helicopter This Festive Season?

Why should you rent a helicopter this coming holiday season? For starters, here are just a few reasons to consider adding a helicopter trip to your travel plans…

Experience a family-friendly adventure.

KwaZulu-Natal is home to a number of spectacular destinations, many of which cater to visitors of all ages. If you are planning a well-deserved family holiday over the year-end break, there are many incredible destinations to choose from in this diverse province. Game reserves such as Thanda and Nambiti, major landmarks such as the Drakensberg Mountainsthe Battlefields, and the Golden Mile, and many other destinations await. Helicopter transfer to your chosen destination makes the trip even more exciting, with plenty for holidaymakers of all ages to see, do and discover. Any holiday that includes a helicopter trip is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Reduce travel time to get more from your break.

Travelling by helicopter also gets you to your destination far more quickly than road transfer. Typically, travelling to a game reserve or other destination that is a little off the beaten track can take hours or even days of road travel. This can quickly take away precious holiday time that could be better spent enjoying the many sights, sounds and experiences offered by your chosen destination. Flying by helicopter gets you there quickly and simply, allowing you to stretch out your holiday and enjoy every bit of time you have available.

Enjoy scenic transfer for year-end safaris.

With British Airways now offering direct flights from London to Durban’s King Shaka International Airport, you can enjoy a helicopter transfer to your chosen game reserve directly from the airport. This type of transfer offers a fantastic way to enjoy some game viewing from above before you even arrive at your destination. With a number of exclusive packages on offer, you can plan your very own year-end safari that includes an exhilarating helicopter trip over some of South Africa’s most iconic landscapes.

Here at Sky Safaris, we offer a wide range of helicopter toursGet in touch today to learn more about our unique offering and rent a helicopter in Durban and surrounds for your upcoming year-end break.

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