5 Reasons to Book a Helicopter Charter for Your Safari

sky safaris offers helicopter charters to private lodges

If you’re looking for a way to add even more to your safari, accessing your chosen game reserve by helicopter charter is sure to be the experience of a lifetime. Unlike road transfer, which can often scare off wildlife or limit your journey to roads that can safely be travelled, helicopter travel takes you high above the land, giving you a 360-degree view of the bush below. You will have the chance to view wildlife from above, taking in expanses of bush, waterholes and many wonders that can be all too easily missed when travelling by car. Unlike a chartered flight, helicopters have a unique design that allows you to see far more of the surrounding landscape.

What makes helicopter charter such an unforgettable addition to your safari? Let’s take a look.

Why Access Your Game Reserve by Helicopter Charter?

Some of the top reasons to choose a helicopter charter to enter a game reserve include the following:

1. Once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Without a doubt, one of the top reasons to consider a scenic helicopter flight to kickstart your safari is the incredible adventure it offers. Very few people get the chance to venture high up into the sky, travelling over some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Whether visiting Thanda Safari, Nambiti Private Game Reserve or Phinda, this experience is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

2. Incredible sights.

Helicopters are permitted to fly lower than planes, which gives you an all-encompassing view of the surrounding landscapes. The unique shape of helicopters also makes them ideal for wrap-around sightseeing. Look out for herds of antelope, elephant, giraffe and hippo, see if you can spot lions on the prowl, watch out for busy waterholes that attract a diverse range of species, and enjoy some of the best game viewing from the air.

3. Private and intimate travel.

Helicopters are private and intimate, catering to a small number of people. That means that you won’t have to worry about crowded flights that make it hard to see anything or hear what the pilot is saying. Instead, you can enjoy a highly intimate experience that is made especially for smaller groups. Whether travelling with a loved one, family or friends, you can easily book a private helicopter without having to share with strangers.

4.  Access to untamed areas of the bush.

Some game reserves can only be accessed by helicopter, with no other vehicles permitted. In very remove game reserves and concessions that have few to no roads, transfer by air is the only option. This gives you the chance to enjoy Africa in all of its unspoiled beauty, with no paved roads or development to ruin the sense of being far removed from everything.

5.  Exceptional photographic opportunities.

Finally, private flights by helicopter also give you the chance to take dazzling photographs. From panoramic shots of the bush to action shots of wildlife and bird species down below, it is essential to keep your camera at the ready, so that you can take spectacular aerial photographs during your transfer.

Sky Safaris offers the best way to discover the wonders of Africa’s most sought-after game reserves by helicopter, including Nambiti & Thanda Safari. Book your helicopter charter in Durban and surrounds now to enjoy one of the most unforgettable safari experiences of a lifetime.