5 Iconic Durban Landmarks Photographed From the Sky

Sky Safaris: Durban Landmarks - Umhlanga Rocks

One of the many reasons to consider a scenic flight in KZN is the chance to see some of the most sought-after Durban landmarks from the sky. When driving, it is often hard to take in the true beauty of the area you are travelling through. Although you may get to see things up close and personal, you do not get to take in the sheer magnitude of South Africa’s most scenic areas. A scenic flight gives you the chance to get a bird’s eye perspective, as you soar over the top tourist areas, taking in not only the landmarks themselves but also the vast landscapes that make up KwaZulu-Natal.

Today on the blog, we are giving you a virtual tour of our city, as we showcase some of the most incredible Durban landmarks that can be seen in our life-changing scenic flights.

Incredible Durban Landmarks Seen from Above

Taken from a Bell 407 helicopter, these iconic images capture the beauty of KwaZulu-Natal’s capital to perfection. Whether you have always wondered what the city looks like from high above or you are thinking about paying a visit to this part of the world, these Durban landmarks featured from above are sure to make you long to see the city from helicopter. Still not convinced? Have a look at these incredible images and you will soon see why helicopter flights are one of the most popular activities for locals and visitors alike.

1/ Moses Mabhida Stadium

Sky Safaris: Durban Landmarks - Moses Mabhida Stadium

A popular attraction on our Durban Helicopter Flight, this famous stadium has a prime position along the city’s skyline. The stadium was designed by the Ibola Lethu Consortium, hosting a variety of sporting and entertainment events over the course of each year. With 27 awards to its name, the stadium played a key role in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, attracting numerous celebrities to its shores.

2/ Valley of 1000 Hills

Sky Safaris: Durban Landmarks - Valley of 1000 Hills

Featured on the Adventure Helicopter Flight as well as the Battle Fields to Isandlwana Helicopter Flight, this landmark is one of South Africa’s most fascinating destinations. The Valley of a 1000 Hills creates an impressive natural oasis that lies between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Forming at the meeting point of the Umgeni and Msunduzi rivers, this valley is lush and green, with ample wildlife and birdlife and a rich cultural history.

3/ Greyville Race Course

Sky Safaris: Durban Landmarks - Greyville Race Course

Another landmark often seen on the Durban Helicopter Flight, Greyville Race Course plays host to a number of prestigious horse racing events over the year, including the world-renowned Vodacom Durban July. Its large pear-shaped track covers a distance of 2800 metres with 2400 metres under floodlights. A total of 12 Grade One races are held here during Champions Season, which offers race stakes of over R44 million.

4/ uShaka Marine World

Sky Safaris: Durban Landmarks - Ushaka Marine World

Also featured on the Durban Helicopter Flight, uShaka Marine World is a much-loved waterpark and marine world that is favoured by locals and visitors alike. This water park hosts regular dolphin shows and also has a number of interesting exhibits showcasing a wide variety of marine creatures. Kids and adults alike flock to the park to enjoy a memorable day out.

5/ Umhlanga Rocks

Sky Safaris: Durban Landmarks - Umhlanga Rocks

Included on the Golden Mile Helicopter Flight, Umhlanga Rocks is an affluent, sought-after residential, commercial and resort town in the north of Durban. This is where some of the most luxurious properties and resorts can be found. The views spanning from above showcase just how much beauty the area has to offer, with endless expanses of ocean and sand to be enjoyed along the coast.

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