Get Legally High with a KZN Helicopter Tour


Did you know that you can get the world’s best natural high with the help of a KZN helicopter tour? No chemicals or substances are required to experience a thrill like no other. All that is needed for this high is your choice of helicopter tour and a trusted charter such as Sky Safaris, who offers world-class service and a range of packages to suit your needs.

Here’s what makes a KZN helicopter tour one of the best highs imaginable…

Why Everyone Should Try a KZN Helicopter Tour

Everyone should get the chance to experience a KZN helicopter tour at least once. Putting you high above the ground  at an altitude that enhances the thrill even further, this adventure can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are planning something for a special occasion, visiting the province for the first time or simply wanting to see your area in a whole new way, here’s what makes this experience a must-try…

Discover breathtaking landscapes.

Try a tour that takes you over the famous Golden Mile, as you soar over the Indian Ocean, taking in the jaw-dropping sight of the Durban beachfront. Take a scenic Durban helicopter tour that takes you over the city, offering dazzling views. There is the South Coast helicopter trip that takes you over Oribi Gorge, and the tour that takes you over the Battlefields. There is also a trip that takes you over St Lucia Wetlands. Then, there are the safari helicopter tours that take you over the African savannah, looking out for lion, buffalo and elephant below.

See the world as you’ve never seen it before.

Helicopters offer an incredible way to take in the sights of your surrounds. Unlike motor vehicles, which are limited to following structured roads or off-road paths, helicopters travel in a way that allows you to get a 360-degree view. The views from up in the air are quite unreal, spanning as far as the eye can see. The design of helicopters adds even more to the views, resulting in the kind of views that only a small few get to see.

Experience the thrill of helicopter travel.

Aside from being scenic, helicopter tours are also great fun. The compact size of the helicopter combined with the dynamic design makes it easy to fly fairly low to the ground. On a safari flight, you will often get to see wildlife below. When flying over waterfalls, it will feel as though you are right there, amidst the thundering water. This is about as thrilling as any type of tour gets! It is no reason that so many add helicopter trips to their bucket list.

Plan a romantic encounter like no other.

Dreaming about a proposal that will impress the socks of your love? Nothing can beat a proposal helicopter flight that includes a picnic on top of a mountain. Taking a scenic flight with your love also makes a very memorable date, a fantastic anniversary surprise and also an excellent way to treat someone you love on a birthday or special occasion.

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Finally, it goes without saying that helicopter tours are quite possibly one of life’s most unforgettable adventures. This is the sort of thing you remember for years to come. This is the adventure that you will talk about long after you get back to earth. You will have photographs to look back on and remember the feeling of being high into the air, flying in a helicopter and seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

The only question to ask yourself now is this… when do you plan to book your KZN helicopter tour?