Private Game Reserve Helicopter Charters

Taking you into the heart of the African bush, Sky Safaris offers the chance to experience private game reserve helicopter charters from Durban. Our charters fly to renowned wildlife destinations in KwaZulu-Natal, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to start your safari on an unforgettable note. Keep reading to find out more about our luxury helicopter charters available to book at Sky Safaris.

Why Charter a Luxury Helicopter?

From the incredible adventure of taking to the sky in a luxury helicopter, to the chance to view wildlife from above, explore some of the most remote reserves on earth, enjoy 360-degree views and enjoy a luxurious journey from start to finish, helicopter charter offers a number of unique benefits. Some of the top reasons to consider chartering a helicopter to begin your safari include the following:

Travel like royalty.

What could be more memorable than travelling by helicopter? Few experiences can compete with the feeling of travelling in a private helicopter. Whether you are planning a honeymoon, a romantic escape, family holiday or a safari in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal bush, your transfer into your chosen game reserve will be as memorable as your time at the reserve, with plenty of memories to be enjoyed long after you return back home.

Spot the Big 5 and other wildlife from above.

From a game viewing point of view, helicopters have a number of unique benefits. Unlike planes, which are limited to staying high in the sky, and vehicles, which are limited to paved roads, helicopters are often able to fly lower to the ground in some of the most remote regions imaginable. This gives you a bird’s eye view of some of South Africa’s most iconic wildlife species, from the Big 5 to antelope, hippo, giraffe, birds and many other species

Enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Finally, helicopter flights are also plenty of fun. Nothing can prepare you for taking off into the sky, as you watch the ground below get further and further away. Your pilot will tell you when game is spotted, and also give you more information on the areas you fly over en route to your chosen game reserve. You will be able to take photographs as well, ensuring memories that will last forever.

sky safaris offers helicopter charters to private lodges

The Sky Safaris Private Helicopter Experience

While any private helicopter flight is sure to be memorable, Sky Safaris takes the experience to a whole new level of luxury. We offer a premium experience that begins from the moment you arrive at King Shaka International Airport or Virginia Airport in Durban. You will be met by one of our highly trained, experienced pilots, who will personally take you to the helicopter launch area. From there, you will board the helicopter, before getting strapped in for your safety during the flight.

Once you are ready to take off, your pilot will give you a brief outline of what to expect. You will get the chance to see Durban and KwaZulu-Natal from above, as you head towards your chosen game reserve. Once you begin to fly over the bush, your pilot will point out wildlife when it is seen below. You will have the chance to enjoy a safari in the air, flying over the unspoilt landscapes of some of South Africa’s most spectacular reserves. Depending on the location of your reserve, the flight could take an hour or more. Once the landing area is reached, the helicopter will come back down to earth, and your safari will continue on land. You can choose to return to the airport by helicopter charter as well or try a longer length helicopter safari.

Discovering KwaZulu-Natal Game Reserves by Chartered Helicopter

We offer chartered helicopter trips to the top game reserves in KwaZulu-Natal. Whether you are planning your very first safari, dreaming of a honeymoon in the bush or hoping to spot the famous Big 5, finding the ideal game reserve is easier than you may think. The wild, beautiful province of KwaZulu-Natal offers some of the best game viewing on earth, with many excellent safari camps and lodges to choose from, each offering a high level of luxury along with a host of activities ranging from game drives to wildlife encounters. Some of the KwaZulu-Natal game reserves that we fly to include the following:

Thanda Safari

This incredible safari destination offers an authentic South African game viewing experience that is combined with a commitment to the rich Zulu heritage of KZN. Meaning ‘love’ in isiZulu – KwaZulu-Natal’s primary language, this reserve has won numerous awards. As a reserve that is passionate about conservation, Thanda Safari is an excellent choice for those wanting to see the Big 5 and various other species of wildlife and birdlife. Thanda is a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World. Highlights for guests include meaningful safari experiences and intimate encounters with Africa’s spectacular wildlife.

Nambiti Private Game Reserve

About 25km east of Ladysmith, and 30 minutes away from the Drakensberg Mountains, you will find Nambiti Private Game Reserve. This renowned reserve is home to the Big 5 and over 40 additional wildlife species, from cheetah to giraffe, hippo, hyena and zebra, along with many antelope species and other wonders to beyond. With nine luxurious game lodges found within the reserve, comprising six 5-star game lodges and an elevated tented camp, facilities here include self-catering, all-inclusive and various other safari packages to suit your needs.

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Situated within close distance of the Indian Ocean coast and the iconic iSimangaliso / Greater St Lucia Wetland Park in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal, this reserve is a must for any nature-enthusiast. Phinda is home to a staggering diversity of habitats. Often called the ‘Seven Worlds of Wonder’, the reserve houses seven unique ecosystems, each teeming with wildlife, birdlife and plant life. Coastal rain gives the reserve a lush green look most of the year around while offering a paradise for the Big 5 and many other wildlife species, including the rare black rhino or cheetah.

A map of the game reserves of KZN, with thanks to SA Venues

Helicopter Charter FAQ

Wondering what to expect from the helicopter charter experience? Not sure how safe it is to travel by helicopter? Unsure what to wear? Not sure whether filming is allowed? These FAQs will help set your mind at rest when flying by chartered helicopter. Just click on the + symbol to reveal the answers.

Absolutely. Helicopters are one of the safest ways to travel, making them widely used around the world. Our helicopters are safe, stable and regularly checked to ensure full peace of mind during every flight. Our goal is to deliver safe, rewarding, reliable flights to every single client. We do this to go the extra mile and maintain our strong relationships with clients who have come to expect the best level of service and safety at all times.

This comes down to the type of flight you choose. If you book a private helicopter charter, the helicopter will transport only your group. That means that you won’t need to worry about having to share with people you do not know.

This is dependent on how many passengers there are, and what helicopter type you have chosen, the maximum is six seats in the Bell 407, the smallest helicopter that we have is the Robinson 44 which seats two or three passengers.

Usually, most helicopters are designed to seat two passengers in the front with the pilot and four passengers in the back cabin area. Wherever you are seated, you will be able to enjoy great views.

It is never easy to predict the weather – especially in South Africa. While we do our best to fly at all times, very bad weather may make flying unsafe. If there is strong rain or wind on the day of your flight, your flight will be rescheduled for another time. You could choose to change your transfer to your return flight after your safari or make a different arrangement with Sky Safaris.

Our friendly pilots have plenty of knowledge to share. They will point out wildlife and other sights during the flight to give you a better idea of the lush natural heritage of KwaZulu-Natal’s game reserves. All passengers wear state-of-the-art noise cancelling headphones, which means that you can talk to your fellow passengers. You will be able to hear the pilot and your co-passengers easily.

We highly recommend making sure that your camera batteries are fully charged and ready to go. You won’t want to miss the chance to take photographs or even videos during the flight. The views from up in the area are simply out of this world!

We recommend dressing accordingly for the season. KwaZulu-Natal is blessed with a warm climate most of the year, so the weather will likely be mild, whatever time of year you fly. If you get cold easily, you may want to bring a jacket. Otherwise, comfortable clothes that you wore on your flight into Durban will be just perfect.

Yes. Every helicopter has a maximum capacity that is determined by the number of passengers, the amount of luggage and the fuel required to reach your destination. You may need to give the average weight of each passenger in your group. This is not meant to make you feel uneasy or offended, but rather to correctly calculate the capacity for the flight. This is for safety purposes as well as your own comfort.

Make sure that you let us know if you are travelling with children, telling us the age of your child or children when making your booking. The pilot may provide an extension seat belt that allows your child to sit safely on your lap. Age limits may apply in some cases.

Yes – we are fully insured. We work hard to meet our passengers’ expectations at all times. Our

helicopters are fully insured and regulated, with frequent quality control to further add put your mind at ease when flying with Sky Safaris.

How to Book a Helicopter Charter

Booking your helicopter charter is as easy as sending us an enquiry. You can view our full range of helicopter charters to browse our range of selected game reserves and destinations that we fly to, and then click through to find out more about your chosen destination. From there, simply hit the enquire now button to send us an email with your requirements. Let us know how many people are in your group, whether you have any special requirements, which airport you are flying from and whether there are any children or pregnant travellers in your group.

Experiencing the magic of a private helicopter flight is just a click away. View our charters now or contact us with any further questions you may have about Sky Safaris helicopter charter.