Why size doesn’t matter… with helicopter flights

Why do men always insist of flying in the B206 or the ‘bigger’ looking machines? They always want the ‘rugged’ manly looking helicopter…. but who’s this helicopter flight for?

I had a client wanting to spoil his family this holiday season and take them for a helicopter flight, (hidden message, dad wants to play and this is something where he will actually have fun too) they are 3 in total and the obvious heli is the R44…. but he flatly refused…..wouldn’t be seen dead in that….Guy’s who is this for?

These are my top 3 reasons to fly in the R44

  1. They are SO much more comfortable- bigger windows for much better views, more space per seat, and they generally are newer.
  2. Richard Hammond owns an R44 – and he is manly…
  3. They COST less. Do I need to say more?

If you want to impress, while the Jettie maybe bigger in its body size, keep in mind your personal experience in flying inside one….and remember who this is for? Taking your lady to propose, spoiling the kids with a helicopter tour, or celebrating an anniversary…a Robinson is powerful and comfortable…what the problem is?